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Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)
Serghei Sindila (Coventry, GB)
Beautiful tea

A very nice Don hung Pao tea,ordered from other shops but the taste wasnt as good as at the china teapot,thank you!will definitely be using your service again.

Highly recommended, A+ Tea and Service

An excellent high quality tea. The Baihao YinZhen is crisp and refreshing. We found it great over several infusions. It also came in beautiful packaging and was delivered promptly.

Will definitely be ordering again in future.

Beginners Bundle
Alex Gaskain (Faversham, GB)
bought it and I liked it

4 stars because I didn't like some of the teas, but that's what I paid for, to find out what I liked.

Green tea is lovely, it tastes like seaweed broth. If you didn't like it, you'd call it fishy. I tried black tea first, and was a bit disappointed - it tasted like a fancy version of yorkshire tea in a slightly boring way. White tea is subtle but sweet and nice, but you don't get many steeps out of it before it just tastes like water. Oolong is a bit of an aquired taste but I've tried it a couple times now and I think I like it more and more - it's a mixture of green and white, but a bit fermented? There were two packages of black teas, with the difference is that one was smoked and one wasn't. Maybe it could have been a different tea, like a pu-er, which is the tea I'm going to buy and try next. Happy with the purchase

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)
Margaret Y (Saffron Walden, GB)
Lovely tea

This is now one of my preferred tea providers. Recommend.

Baihao YinZhen (Silver Needle)
Luke Britton (Leeds, GB)
My new favourite

Delicate, light and refreshing. My go to tea from my go to Chinese tea vendor!

Baihao YinZhen

One of the finest teas I’ve tasted in a long time - incredibly delicate yet complex and satisfying even on the 3rd infusion. So happy to have discovered this vendor and will definitely recommend to my friends.

Keemun Hao Ya - Grade A
VFS (Bridlington, GB)
Keemun Hao Ya

A great cup of tea. I drink it at any time of the day. Very enjoyable. Received very promptly and beautifully packaged as always.

The Green Tea Bundle
Paul Miller (Hackney, GB)
Looks Promising

Unfortunately cannot give review as purchased items as gift

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)
Matt Wilkinson (London, GB)
Big red robe

A delicious, delicate and very drinkable oolong tea.
Perfect for any time of day or night.
So much so that I drink a pot as soon as get home from work and have bought another 50g pouch to demolish.
Highly recommend

Keemun Mao Feng
V. (Bridlington, GB)
Keemun Mao Feng

Lovely cup of tea. Prompt delivery and beautifully packaged as usual. Definitely will order again.

Golden Monkey King
VFS (Bridlington, GB)
Keemun Mao Feng

A lovely cup of tea. Promptly received and beautifully packaged as always.

Jasmine Pearl Tea (Dragon Pearls)
Matthew West (Peterborough, GB)
Excellent tea and very fast delivery

It's so hard to find quality tea online, but I was really pleased with this order, especially the Dragon Pearl which I finished in about a week!

Packaging is really good too. Beauifully presented. Thank you!

The Oolong Bundle
Bob (Accrington, GB)
A Novice Opinion

I chose the Oolong bundle to sample a variety of teas. My water is very soft and half a tea spoon seems about right and I might get 2 or 3 steeps. I am a mere novice in the appreciation of these teas but I am enjoying them very much. I will try a different bundle next time. As I like them all I have not as yet got a favourite. They are well packed and each pack is well labeled

The Emperor's Green Tea Bundle
William Samuels (New York, US)
Friendly, Effective, and Quick Customer Service

I haven't had a chance to try the tea itself yes, but the customer service is top=notch and itself worthy of a great review.

Jasmine Huang Shan Ya
N.k. (Godalming, GB)
Happily supprised by the free Sample

this is a lovely jasmine green tea it reminded me of my time in Vietnam and the tea you get with food, but his tea was that but 100 times better, the jasmine was really well-balanced with the tea and not overpowering, and the flavour was still going after quite a few steps. i will definitly be getting some with my next order.

The Oolong Bundle
Non k (London, GB)

Firstly the tea is amazing some of the best oolong I have had and a realy nice way to sample a range of different oolong all together.
Secondly the care that went into the packaging was second to none, I definitaly recommend

Baihao Yin Zhen white tea

Lovely tea, very delicate flavour. Arrived very promptly and beautifully packaged.

Monkey Picked
Mark H (Sheffield, GB)
Monkey picked Oolong

My order was delivered quickly and was presented beautifully wrapped. The tea is delicious and can be resteeped a number of times.

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)
A.B. (London, GB)
Da best

If prepared correctly, you may talk to your ancestors

Keemun Mao Feng
Luke Rees (London, GB)
Keemun Tea

Delivered fast, clear instructions, fantastic taste! Will order again

Yunnan Golden Tip
LEM (London, GB)
Good selection, excellent service

I am pleased to have discovered The China Teapot with whom I have just placed my second order. It is not cheap but the quality of the tea is high and the service is good. I will certainly use them again.

Baihao YinZhen (Silver Needle)
J.E. (Barnsley, GB)
Excellent tea!

This tea is of the highest quality, from its appearance in the teapot before steeping, to its wonderfully delicate flavour. An absolute pleasure to drink, and a warm and personal customer service!


The most delicate of all teas. Very good quality. Love to drink this one when my palate is clean, this is the way you can feel all notes. Highly recommend


I received this tea as a bonus and omg this is so good. I should definitely add this to my next order

Yunnan Golden Tip
N. (London, GB)
My favorite black

This black is my favorite so far. When I am in a black tea mood I take this one. Love their small bonus tea with every order. Support small businesses, do not go for supermarket tea