Jasmine Pearl Tea
Quality Jasmine Pearl Tea
Jasmine Pearl (Dragon Pearls)
Brewed Jasmine dragon tea
Brewed Jasmine Dragon Tea
Jasmine Dragon Pearls
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Jasmine Pearl Tea (Dragon Pearls)

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Jasmine Pearl tea is a speciality green tea produced in Fujian Province, the historic home of Jasmine tea. The so-called ‘Dragon Pearls’ combine the finest, velvety shoots of Camellia sinensis, with famous night-blooming, aromatic Jasmine petals, in a process called ‘natural scenting’.

Natural scenting takes a minimum of seven days to achieve, whereby green tea leaves are layered with Jasmine blossoms freshly picked each night, imparting the alluring floral scents deep into the green leaves. Once scented, the tea leaves are meticulously hand-rolled into elegant gems, presenting a brisk and vibrantly golden-green infusion and the mesmerising scent of fresh Jasmine.

Our pearls are delightfully refreshing, offering the impactful goodness of quality green tea with an extraordinarily alluring floral smell and taste. An indulgence that's good for you! Simply watch the beautiful leaves unfurl themselves in elegance.


Tasting Details

Flavour: A refreshing mouthfeel, a well-balanced flowery taste and a vegetal undertone
Aroma: A light jasmine floral aroma
Infusion Colour: Clean, illuminating light green



Caffeine Level: Low
Antioxidant Level: High
Production process: Traditionally withered, naturally scented, then hand rolled
Leaf Appearance: Dark green tightly rolled balls
Origin: Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Storage: Store in cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Re-seal packaging between use


How to Brew

  • Use 1 teaspoon of leaves (roughly 3g/6/7pearls) for each person you are brewing tea for.
  • Boil your water and let it cool, it should be around 80 - 90 degrees (100degree water will scorch the tea)
  • Steep for 2-5 minutes according to taste.
  • Reuse the leaves a further 3 times, by simply adding more hot water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matthew West (Peterborough, GB)
Excellent tea and very fast delivery

It's so hard to find quality tea online, but I was really pleased with this order, especially the Dragon Pearl which I finished in about a week!

Packaging is really good too. Beauifully presented. Thank you!

N. (London, GB)

I received this tea as a bonus and omg this is so good. I should definitely add this to my next order