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Our Story

We love tea! The ceremony, the taste, the aroma, the health benefits, basically everything about it! 

We're the Chen family.

Our family is split over two countries, the UK and China. We try to take regular trips back over to China to celebrate New Year, or Mid-Autumn day together, its a great past time where the whole family comes together. We realised though, tea had become a prominent feature of our trips, in several ways. When in China, we’d always take a trip to the local tea tasting market (below) where all the freshest variants are sold, as a sign of respect we would served it to our parents, and, in turn, they would serve us with great skill! At the same time, our friends back in the UK would always ask us... “can you bring us back some Oolong tea, 2kg should keep us going”. It became a regular request for every vacation we took. Obviously tea is a huge global market, but we realised it is a little more difficult to find good quality in the UK, and so, sat at the table pictured below, we decided to go into business, and that is what we did.

After spending seven years as the Tea Supply Chain Manager and Tea Ceremony Specialist, in One Plus One supermarket, Jason and ZhiShan formed their own tea supply business in the Zhongshan area of South China, with a focus on exporting premium quality tea to the west. 

Having spent significant amounts of time in the neighbouring tea provinces of; Guangxi, Yunnan, Jiangxi and Guizhou we have formed special relationships with the local tea farmers and now have direct access to their farms and freshly picked tea.​




We each have our tea preferences but were all guided by the aged wisdom of Tai Po (great-grandma) who had over 40 years experience of tasting, picking and packing fresh tea before peacefully leaving us in 2019.


Grandma would always throw away the first two pours of her cha to only serve a matured steep to her guests. Tai Po was often guilty of chewing the tea leaves before brewing them, she always told us this technique allowed her to feel 'how slippery' the leaves became when re-hydrated, the slipperier the fresher the tea is!

Our efforts to bring you only the purest tea are made in honour of her teachings.




This is our family's new tea ceremony table with built in kettle and pouring tray, standing proudly where Tai Po's crooked rosewood table once stood. This is where our new product quality sampling takes place!